Beta Testing / Grand Opening

Reward for all BETA Players:

  • 'BETA Player' status in Forum and Dicord Chat.
  • 1000 credits 
  • 2000 Wcoins

Personal Rewards for BETA Players per their level ranking:

  • #1 - 3000 Credits
  • #2 - 2500 Credits
  • #3 - 2000 Credits
  • #4-#10 - 1000 Credits


Other then the above, MuCF Team really wants to thank all of you for the great help you have done for the server. All the Bugs you have reported are being handled as we speak, and thanks to you this server will be stable and successfull!


P.S. #1 - The purpose of the grand opening is to start the Server like new, with all players in the same level so that there will be a fair competitions, so your time on the server in the BETA time is really appreciated!



MuCF Staff

Posted04 / 10 / 2019ByRoluma

Currently this is only one server.